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SmartAsk SA – Locals


This is your home.

Your valley, your pozzie, your place.

If there’s something to know about South Africa – you know it, of course.

At least, that’s what you think…

Until you sit down to test your wits with Barry Hilton’s brand new game SmartAsk South Africa.


Can you name three border posts? Three locals who made the PGA?

Go head to head with your mates and see how much you know about the people and the places, the bush and the beaches, the food and the festivals – and everything in between.

See if you can find (at least) three answers to one or all of the six questions on every card in the deck.

No board, no dice, no moving pieces, no degree in mathematics needed to keep score.

 And lots of different ways to play.

The biggest challenge will be to keep focused on the game and not get lost in newfound facts about your big backyard.

SmartAsk: Get to know much more than you thought you knew.

Get yours now.

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