Smart Ask

Want to know how to register as a marketing affiliate?

It's easy!

1. Go to and click on “Affiliate Area.”
smart-ask affiliate tutorial
smart-ask affiliate tutorial
2. Fill in your contact details such as your name, username of your choice, email address, your Paypal Account email address (if applicable), your website, and tell us shortly how you intend marketing our products.
3. Tick the reCAPTCHA box
4. Click on “Register”. 
Your application will then be reviewed, and if approved, you will be sent an email containing your chosen username and your assigned password.
5. Go back to the Affiliate Area and log in using your credentials.

smart-ask affiliate tutorial
smart-ask affiliate tutorial
6. This will take you to your Affiliate Dashboard. Your statistics are also accessible as well as artwork for adverts under the “Creatives” tab.
7. Here, you will be able to access your Affiliate Code and referral URL.

8. You can also generate your unique URL to direct customers to specific pages or products.

9. Copy the URL of the page on our website that you would like to promote and paste it into the Page URL box. You can also give your campaign an optional name.

10. Click on “Generate URL”.

11. The Referral URL will then be generated for that specific page. 

Copy and share this link with your sales leads!

smart-ask affiliate tutorial
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