Smart Ask

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What is Smart-Ask?

Smart-Ask – by comedian Barry Hilton – is a fun, family quiz game and available in
“Junior”, “Original” and “SA” version.

How does it work?

No boxes, dice, pens, paper, just a pack of cards.

The game is for 2 players or more, it’s a quiz broken down into 6 Categories with 9 cards per category and 6 questions per card.

There are multiple correct answers.

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What others think of Smart-Ask...

“Smart Ask has provided endless hours of fun to my family and friends, Its also a great way to stimulate conversation when entertaining newly found friends. I have always enjoyed trivia games but find that once you have played it only one time the game becomes unplayable as the answer never change but with smart ask the possibility of different answers creates a game that can be played as many times as you want.

Thank You for the countless hours of fun.”

“Case Construction was looking for something different this year as a corporate gift, we were going to replicate the usual diaries and pens and after some looking, we opted for a gift that our customers would not only enjoy but ask for more. The response to Barry’s “Smart Ask” card pack has been great, the pack is wrapped in our brand and is definitely a unique gift for any company to promote a brand.

Barry and his team are great to work with, their care for my brand was first and foremost and what we got exceeded our expectations, so thanks to everyone on the team. I would absolutely advise any company to talk to Barry and his team for some very cool ideas.”

Managing Director – Case Construction SA

“I received a pack of Barry Hilton “Smart Ask” cards, I gave them to my kids and we have been playing ever since. The game is unique and anyone can play, the kids even created their own rules to the game and we all ended up having a big laugh, its quick and fun so we played again and again. Well done Barry on a great idea, you have definitely created a winner and it keeps them off the TV.”

“Hi Barry, my family have been playing Smart-Ask constantly since getting the cards. It’s a quick and easy format and gets everyone thinking. Thoroughly enjoyable.”

Managing Director - Sporting Chance

“Thank you so much for your excellent customer service! The buying process was made so easy with the online purchase system and the customer service thereafter was amazing! When we mentioned that we were interested in buying the corporate package, Barry took our details and Deidré phoned us the next morning to take me through the steps. When I sent through the designs, she was super accommodating with the little adjustments that I requested and sent the new mock-ups back in record time. Barry phoned as soon as I placed the order to ask if everything was satisfactory and to thank us for the order, and again when I emailed saying that the order had arrived. Customer service like this really does set SMART-ASK apart from the rest. Our order arrived in 2 weeks, as promised, and the cards were perfect. We are super excited to hand these out to our customers!”

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